Salty Speculations

Why a Che>< Mix Life?

One day during freshman year in college I was eating original Chex Mix and realized that my life unlike the usual saying was not like a box of chocolates at all it was more like a bag of Chex Mix. Let me explain…

A regular bag of Chex Mix contains:

Corn Chex,Wheat Chex, Circle Pretzels, Checkerboard Pretzels, Rye Chips, and Mini Bread Sticks. Generally speaking this is consumed rather enjoyably.  Much like my life is generally enjoyable.  However I do have parts of the mix that I love and parts that I strongly dislike and a lot of meh in between. Below is the list in order of my least favorite to most favorite parts of Chex Mix and how it relates to my life.

Checkerboard pretzels: These are my least favorite.  They are dry, plain and boring and not particularly enjoyable.  In proportion to my life there is a good amount of these in the mix.  These compare to the parts of my life that are crappy days where it kinda sucks and are just unenjoyable.

Circle pretzels: These are minimally more enjoyable than the previous because there is less blandness to consume.  These compare to the days that contain that one minor bad thing that sets off your day enough to annoy you but not really make a huge difference on life itself.

Mini-breadsticks:These to me are okay, they aren’t the greatest but they are sure better than pretzels.  These days are just meh nothing terrible happens but nothing to terribly exciting does either.

Corn Chex: These are good especially the extra seasoned ones.  There are quite a few of these in a bag and quite a few of these in life.  These are the days when most things work the way you want them to and life is generally nice and enjoyable.

Wheat Chex:These are particularly more flavorful than Corn Chex.  There are quite a few of these in a bag and quite a few of these in life. These are the days that things are good for the day and things look good for the future you have time for business and leisure and life is good!

Rye Chips: These are my FAVORITE! There are very few in a bag however and one needs to savor them completely in my opinion.  This is much like the best days where you get a surprise phone call from a friend or the day is beautiful and you have time for a walk that you usually don’t get to take. These are the days to remember and cherish.

You may be asking: What about the days when you don’t feel like you can go on because things are so difficult? My answer to that my friends is that this compares to when the bag is empty and it seems like you have nothing left to consume, but always remember that you can always recharge and move on with life just like you can always get another bag of Chex Mix.

*note i’m using “Che>< Mix in my blog title as a way not to use a copyright name.


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