Salty Speculations

Today while on the Metro bus as I was sitting with the camper I work with at the day camp I looked in front of me and saw someone who had very masculine features but that was dressed in a frilly black skirt.  Upon closer inspection…aka this person moving closer to me due to a crowed bus I clearly saw an Adam’s apple and a five a clock shadow that was trying to be covered with make-up, additionally this person was wearing a stuffed bra, they were wearing earrings and  they had shaved legs and arms. And while they are clearly read as a male person in feminine attire frequently (as stated by two other persons that I work with) I had admiration for them being on a particularly crowded city bus, being themselves, and not freaking out about it. This person and my eyes met for a short period of time and there was a whole conversation made just by our eyes and head nods. My interpretation is something like this: (the bold is the other person)


Hello,I know that you and I are similar

I know that you are my family

This means that we are not alone in this crazy world

I know and I feel better just knowing that

I wish you the best, but as to not draw attention I’m going to look away

(as I was getting off the bus) Good day and Best wishes

Same to you

It does make me feel better knowing that I am not alone and that my own kind recognizes me for who I am even when others around me don’t. Furthermore I want to again express my utmost respect for this person being their beautiful self even when a lot of people would not want to be in that situation. I hope we meet again.



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