Salty Speculations

Sometimes in life we get caught up in all the crap in life that we have to do, places we have to be and things that should have been done yesterday.  It is very difficult to remember the simple things and appreciate them in all of the hub-bub.  Often times it takes a tragic event to remind us and only a few moments go by before we are back into our lives forgetting.

I am fortunate enough to work with a group of children who appreciate  the simple things every day and this serves as a reminder to me to stop and appreciate them as well.  The children  that I work with have multiple disabilities many of whom are autistic.  A few days ago I and a child that I work with at the day camp were on a bus going to a field trip.  The windows were down and the wind was whipping through the bus.  I have never seen this child as happy as she was that day.  Her smile was gigantic and she was giggling.  I asked her what she was so happy about and she signed back “wind”.  Wind….that was all.  Talk about the simple things.

She reminded me that day that something as simple as wind blowing on you should be appreciated.  It has been several days and I haven’t forgotten yet, but how long will it be before I slip back into the day to day not remembering the lesson that she taught. I can hope that it lasts a life time but is that realistic? I suppose only time with tell and for now I will stop and appreciate the wind.



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