Salty Speculations

Fear for Once

I am a non-binary gendered person who is clearly and visibly queer to a lot of the population, aside from those who see what they want to see and ignore the true facts.  The people who don’t place me in a binary box by their own decisions inevitably do one of three things.

1. State “FAMILY!!!!” and become giddy

2. Stop and stare and then make a comment to their buddy trying to figure out “what I am”

3. Look decide that I’m a foul creature that either has a mental illness or that needs to be “saved by the grace of God”

The third group is the one I am going to focus on today.  This group is the one that breeds hatred. Out of this group of people come the people that have so much insecurity and are so scared of difference that they do crazy irrational things.  People that kidnap their “friend” and take her to the woods to beat her up because she is a lesbian, people that beat others up as they come out of a known lesbian bar because of orientation, people who post flyers all around a neighborhood stating that we should still be labeled with a mental disorder, that the government shouldn’t protect us from hate crimes, that align gays with molesters, that state that they are “put(ting) stuff together” to show us that we won’t be tolerated. All of these things have happened in my region recently.

I’m scared, terrified actually. I’ve had friends randomly beaten up before for being gay. I’ve had people make ignorant remarks to me. But when a group that you associate with closely gets called out in a flyer that has been placed around the region by Neo-Nazis (true story – the National Alliance – at least the flyer directed people to their information) it becomes more real than ever before. .

Sure I’m not going to let them scare me into hermiting in my house. I’m going to go out and be proud of who I am as I always do.  However it does make me more aware of my surroundings and a bit more careful. I also try to remind myself everyday that this is backlash pure and simple.  As Queer folk are given the equality we deserve those that hate us become more nervous and scared.  As we progress forward we have to remember there will be a few steps back.  These actions of hate and harm are those backward steps. So lets keep pushing forward leaving the idiots in the dust.  Send your love my and every other queer’s direction together we can be free to be who we are.




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