Salty Speculations

To all of the people who are anti-“It gets better”,

At the beginning of the “It gets better” campaign there was much excitement and hope for the future of LGBTQ youth.  The original point of the campaign was to show youth who were struggling and maybe contemplating suicide that their life would indeed get better.  It was to show that in this moment right now, maybe they are hurting, but it does not always have to be like that.  Part of the “getting better” comes from their own choice of being who they really are in whatever way that is possible.  Some of the “gets better” comes from the negative people in these youths lives either coming around or not being part of the picture.  There is not just one part of getting better!  Videos have come from all types of people from all different walks of life.  Older teens sending their shout outs to the younger, celebrities, a miscellaneous hodgepodge of adults and even college groups all posted videos.

So as I began to take pride in what our movement is accomplishing, I suddenly was smacked in the face with an anti-“It gets better” rhetoric.  A group of people were against all of this hope, survival and progress.  I would expect that such rhetoric would come from more privileged communities, such as the ones that are consistently not allowing LGBTQ folk to have our freedom.  Instead it came from within the community itself.  This group noted all of the bad things that are still out there. They threw out the problems of privilege still running in the midst of the campaign. They took away some of the hope that a person may have gotten from the campaign. Instead of pulling up their big kid britches and addressing the problem by making their own video to encourage the youngsters like themselves to survive, they are complaining and tearing down the project ; the same project that may be keeping one more LGB TQ youth alive! I know that I personally participated in an “It gets better” video and encourage LGBTQ folks of all types to do the same. I want to see my people represented in the videos just as much as the next person, so I did something about it.

It’s depressing that even with one small crumb of progress the community that I call my own shouts it down for all of the problems that still exist.  Some people have decided that their life is miserable and will always be miserable and nothing will change that.  Additionally, do not try to tell them that their life gets better because the truth is, it won’t get better for them, they have self determined that they will now and forever be miserable.  Of course as the old saying goes misery loves company. I refuse to be that company, so you can keep your anti-hope, anti-life, and anti-progress faction and I will take the small movements, every last morsel of progress, every last bit.



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