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And so it begins….

I am currently sitting in Barnes and Noble – John Hopkins/ Starbucks Cafe waiting several hours before we can check into our week long housing.  This morning was interesting already though.  I almost missed my flight but made it at the last moment so it was so fine.  The lady sitting next to me seemed annoyed at the beginning of the flight but then seemed to chill out as the flight went on.  Perhaps she was just cranky and tired at first, after all it was 6am.

On the train ride into Baltimore from the airport I overheard a very interesting conversation that I thought was rather ironic considering the circumstances.  These two people probably in their mid to late 20’s were discussing how nice it must be for teachers to get the summer off and how sure they work with bratty kids but the summer break would be worth it not to mention they ONLY work 8am-4pm, that MUST be nice.  Clearly these folks have never spent a day in a classroom as an adult, so it goes.  According to these geniuses  I’m about to embark on one of the easiest career choices possible… here’s to that!



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