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Advocacy for Education

Since I am blogging about the variety of experiences that happen while I embark on this journey in Baltimore, I have a few people that ask more specific questions about the stuff I write.  So today I’m going to address a few questions that I was asked about my last blog and also relate my answers to what has been going on the past few days.


How will you advocate for your profession?

I think that I will do this in several ways.  First, as I am teaching I will be the best teacher possible so that my students grow and achieve beyond what people think is attainable.  I will work with parents and community members to build relationships. It may only take one teacher who reaches out to change the value that people place on education it may take fifteen teachers.  No matter what it takes I will work to at least be one teacher that makes a difference in the mindset of the parents and community that I live/work in.  It was discussed today that students are a product of our expectations and I think that teachers are often the product of the expectations that the community.  Additionally parents are often the product of the expectation of teachers.  If we don’t create a system where high expectations are the norm then there will never be respect for the profession of teaching.

Will you ever feel convicted to interrupt/interject into a conversation like on the train?

I have often spoken up against people who have made comments similar to the ones I heard on the train that day.  On this particular day it was early and I was not in the mood to get into the conversation with complete strangers.  When I have spoken up it usually does not come out with a positive ending.  Typically I end up more frustrated and the people don’t have any gained respect for the teaching profession.  Society has its mind made up and it doesn’t want to change anytime soon.  It is going to take holistic efforts both in the classroom and out by teachers, parents, students and other community members to change the perspective about the teaching profession.

Do you have aspirations to change people’s views, or do you believe that not to be appropriate?

I believe that it is very appropriate to want to change people’s views especially when it comes to something you are passionate about.  The important part is how you go about trying to change their views.  I could argue about education to people until I am blue in the face but it won’t change their mind.  I have to align my values with my profession and encourage my colleagues to do the same so that one day their minds will be changed.


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  1. I find you inspiring.

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