Salty Speculations

I am from….

So in one of our many Diversity Sessions at Institute we read a poem called “I am from”  and then we were asked to write and share ours.  So here it is.


I Am From backyard swimming and shuckin’ corn

Get back from wherever you are by the time the street lights are on

From family full and abundant with some whoops and additions always being brought in

From a community of all the same colored skin

I Am From struggling to keep up, to teaching my sister to read

from negative image to being me, truthfully and honestly, all the time, REAL

I Am From escaping the small town glory to the mid-rise midwest even with negative dollars to my name

From being far enough away to forget some of the pain brought on by a man w/o a name anymore except “Jerkface”

I Am From figuring out that the blacks and whites of this word don’t even begin to amount to all the gray inbetween especially when dealing with love

I am from leaving everything behind, everything that I know, over and over again in hopes that my presence and actions will be enough to change

This world.




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