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How do you know you are ready? In education we give exams to tell if our students are ready to move on, but for this there is no exam. In movies when the “good guy” is prepared to fight the enemy his master tells him that he “is ready”. But for this there is no measurement but trial and error. So you go out on a date, maybe you sleep around, maybe you blame the other person for it just not working  or maybe not, but deep down you know…You’re feet are at the starting mark, you’ve crouched down but when the starter gun is fired your feet just cannot move. Your feet are stuck in the last race where you were doing so well but then you were tripped, or maybe it was your shoelaces that tripped you. Either way moving your feet at this time is impossible, perhaps you are just gonig to have to wait until the next race comes along.


Open Letter to the Americans Who Want to Control My Body.

All the recent political talk about women’s bodies and all the recent legislation that has been proposed here in Ohio has my boxers in a bunch. I’m angry, I’m not sure that words can express just how angry but I’ll give it a go in a sternly worded letter.

Dear Americans who want to control my body,

I’m tired, exhausted in fact of trying to keep my body mine. See for 24 years now you have been trying to control my body. You have been trying to control how it is Labled, how it Looks, what I Do To it, what I Do With it. Let me break it down piece by piece.

The minute I came out of my mothers womb, which sometimes is even hard for her to admit, my body was labeled “girl”. Before I had a name my body had a label! I mean the label is what is most important anyway right? The first thing any relative or friend of the family asks is “Is it a boy or girl” never mind if the baby is healthy or not, never mind the anxiousness and/joy that the parents are feeling, never mind anything except that label. And the labeling continues throughout school my body label placed me in girls gym class, cheer-leading instead of football, and a dress instead of a tux at prom. My body is being used by others to screen and decide what category I fit into.

Onto how my body looks. You love to control how my body looks. Your magazines, your doctors, your movies, your mental health professionals, and your advertising all love to control the way my body looks. The culture of skinny, “perfectly” sculpted bodies are deemed desirable and the doctors have taken this as true. Instead of encouraging people of all body types to be healthy the encouragement is to loose weight. Fat shaming is totally acceptable especially from medical professionals. And don’t get me started about how that label from earlier is to play into how I look. I should have long straight flowing hair, make-up done perfectly, be wearing wretched heels, and my clothes should trim my skinny body perfectly. After all isn’t that what my body, a girls body is supposed to look like?

How it is labeled, how it looks….but that isn’t enough is it? You also want to control what I do to my body. Heaven forbid I get any body modifications such as tattoos or piercings. I’ll never be marketable that way. Because body modifications clearly make me a less desirable person and I definitely cannot do my job appropriately if I have them. And what about elective medical procedures, well it depends. If I want perfectly sculpted breasts that’s fine, but of course “too much” plastic surgery is condemned.  Also, if I am transgender and want sex-reassignment surgery or breast augmentation forget it! That is unacceptable, probably because it is too out of your control.

Finally, what I do with my body.You want to control my body so that I don’t have sex with someone that is the same sex as me. You want to control my body so that I do not have sex at all until I’m married. Heaven forbid I  get pregnant from either my choice or someone else deciding to control my body. I certainly cannot control my body then.  I do not know what is best for me, so you have to make that decision,  abortion is definitley  not allowed. And when I have that baby, I cannot bare my breast to feed the new body that you are controlling because my breast is also under your control.

So let me tell you what I am going to do about all of this controlling of my body. I’m going to fight keep it mine. Because guess what IT IS MINE! I’m going to fight the status quo and label it the way I want. I’m going to focus on making my body look the way I want it to. I’m going to do with my body as I please and be twice as awesome than anyone who is under your control. I’m going to fuck who I want, choose what is best for me and bask in the beauty that is MY BODY!

Just try and cross me, see the wrath that me and my body can produce, just try.

All the love,


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