Salty Speculations


How do you know you are ready? In education we give exams to tell if our students are ready to move on, but for this there is no exam. In movies when the “good guy” is prepared to fight the enemy his master tells him that he “is ready”. But for this there is no measurement but trial and error. So you go out on a date, maybe you sleep around, maybe you blame the other person for it just not working  or maybe not, but deep down you know…You’re feet are at the starting mark, you’ve crouched down but when the starter gun is fired your feet just cannot move. Your feet are stuck in the last race where you were doing so well but then you were tripped, or maybe it was your shoelaces that tripped you. Either way moving your feet at this time is impossible, perhaps you are just gonig to have to wait until the next race comes along.


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